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VoIP Business Phone Systems

Why We Sell the Vertical Wave IP...

Vertical wave ip

...Because your bottom line is our priority.

The Vertical Wave IP platform offers the most flexible and cost-effective way to migrate your business from a traditional phone system to a VoIP Business System, and in the least disruptive way possible.

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Vertical wave ip Although the Vertical Wave IP platform is a fully functional, end-to-end VoIP system, it also fully supports scalable features to leverage legacy technologies (analog, digital) where it makes sense for your organization - without breaking the bank.

In addition, Wave IP offers the most powerful suite of applications available in a VoIP telephony platform today, allowing unprecedented integration with your enterprise business data. And, it finally makes true Unified Communications a reality.

The Vertical Wave IP system comes in two flavors

The two flavors are the Wave IP 2500, and its little brother, the Wave IP 500. These systems can be seamlessly networked together across locations to provide real time presence, decreased communication costs, and the ability to leverage resources across the entire organization - not just within one location.

With each Vertical Wave IP system (IP 500 and 2500) you get:

  • Applications Inside(TM) architecture - no additional hardware to purchase 
  • Full call center functionality - if you need it (and every business does) 
  • Simplified deployment and management (one unit, not many "add junk" units) Unified Communications 
  • A rich API to unleash the power of integration with your existing applications 
  • Full trunk-side and station-side SIP functionality
  • Simplified administration 
  • A full Managed Services complement, including off-site backup 
  • Painless scalability 
  • The outstanding service and support offered by PCA Technology Group.
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