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Remote Network Monitoring

Remote network monitoring

Breathe... CloudAlert™ is Here.

CloudAlert™ is a proactive service that monitors your Windows servers, workstations, and network devices 24/7. If your systems have a problem, or a potential problem, PCA will know about it almost instantly.

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What is CloudAlert™?

CloudAlert™ keeps us informed about your I.T. investments around-the-clock and reduces the amount of time our technicians spend identifying potential problems. With CloudAlert™, our proactive approach allows us to address your I.T. issues, most often before you know about them.

How it works

Remote network monitoring Server crashes and network outages are usually not caused by a single event, rather they are usually the result of a small problem that grows into a larger one. 

CloudAlert™ continually monitors thousands of parameters that make up the “vital statistics” of your Windows servers and workstations, and automatically notifies PCA if something goes wrong. 

We can then quickly take action, either remotely or onsite, to fix the problem and prevent a catastrophic failure. CloudAlert™ is backed by a Network Operations Center (NOC), fully staffed and monitored 24/7. Your servers and workstations continue to be looked after even after everyone goes home. 

That is certainly peace of mind!

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PCA Technology Group offers I.T. services throughout Western New York (WNY), Upstate New York, Southern Ontario, and wherever our clients need us across the United States.

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