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Cloud Computing

All The Buzz About Cloud Computing Can Be Confusing. We Can help.


PCA can help you decide how to best leverage the Cloud for your business.

The Cloud is NOT one size fits all. As with any new technology, PCA will work with you to fully educate you on ALL aspects of that technology, be it the Cloud, VoIP, or other technologies in the future. We help you take all the marketing hype, break it down, and help you decide how it is most relevant to your organization.

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What's the buzz about Cloud Computing?

The Cloud Computing is an amazing service model that brings many benefits to the table, but in order to make an informed decision, you need to know not just the pluses of moving to the cloud, but also the potential minuses and liabilities. If moving everything to the cloud is truly in in your organization’s best interest, PCA can do that. But if a more measured approach is the answer for your organization, we can help you with that too.

The PCA Difference

PCA will work with you to determine what Cloud Computing solutions are best for your business. We will educate you with respect to all aspects of moving to the cloud, including but not limited to: 

  • long term cost analysis, 
  • data ownership and access, 
  • disaster recovery, and 
  • a myriad of other issues our competitors do not want to discuss. 

Many Cloud services providers want to move you lock, stock and barrel into their data center NOT because it is in your best interest, but because it cost them a lot of money to build the data center and they need to pay for it. Once we have brought you up to speed on all the issues related to the Cloud, we will work with you to determine what Cloud services are best suited for your organization.

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